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    "there's a bluebird in my heart that, wants to get out but I'm too clever, I only let him out at night sometimes when everybody's asleep... " - charles bukowski

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  • Happy B-day Mrs. Welch▲
Hoje é aniversário da cantora e compositora britânica Florence Welch, a voz por trás do projetoFlorence and the Machine. Programa it. celebra relembrando o álbum “Ceremonials”.
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  • lylaandblu:

Paintings by Jarek Puczel

Statement: I try to be an intuitive artist and flow with the stream of life, so I abandon the developed forms as soon as I notice their mismatch to my new experiences. Recently I am interested in the parallelism of the different realities, which are available simultaneously for certain events. For instance, in one “layer” we have well-known and established experiences, that are often outdated or irrelevant to the vibrant life. Next layer put on them the living thoughts and feelings that lead to new, more freely actions. I feel that this tension between the realities may be an interesting starting point for artistic and social studies. Context of space. Presented object belongs to something bigger, that determines or expresses it. Simultaneously, art form engages it in a specific game of illusion. Something belongs to the world of matter, most often a sensual element, like hair or flowers, and something is already a sign of belonging to a larger, undefined space.
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